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Michael Dunnett


I started off taking Real Estate photos with my phone slowly learning the concept of lighting & composition. 2 of the most important aspects of Photography and Film and Really anything artistic. 

I Faced huge restrictions but my persistence paid off. I am now a full time real estate photographer.

I am an Introvert and have always preferred to be behind the scenes pulling the strings. This is where my love for design was born.

I studied Film Making, and am constantly learning and perfecting my craft.

My Dream Is to be a high end real estate photographer with multiple different industries operating under me.

  • I currently Run A Photography & Film Company
  • I Run a Real Estate Advertising Agency
  • I am launching a new web design & Marketing Agency
  • I am Launching a Brand new to my area Property stock Photography¬†

I am just a Big Boy with Big Dreams and a will to survive.